The Canadian Media Concentration Research Project is releasing the final iteration of this report on the state of mobile wireless markets in Canada. The first draft was presented at a panel on “The State of Competition in Canada ’ s Telecommunications Sector ” at the International Institute of Communications (IIC)/Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) conference on November 17 and 18 th at the Ottawa Conference centre. W e we re delighted to offer our views and to debate the issue of wheth er mobile wireless markets in Canada are highly competitive or badly concentrated at the conferen c e . We arg u e in favour of the latter claim . This report offer s a fairly comprehensive, long -­‐ term body of data that places trends in Canada in a comparative i nternational context. It shows that Canada shares a similar condition with many, indeed, almost all countries that we have studied: high levels of concentration in mobile wireless markets. Canada is not unusual in this regard, and indeed no matter whether we look at things from the perspective of 19 countries , the 34 OECD countries , or 57 countries that account for four -­‐ fifths of the world’s population , the answer is pretty much the same in all cases: concentration levels in mobile wireless markets are “ ast onishingly high everywhere ” (Noam, 2013) .