This study assessed generational differences in human values as measured by the Schwartz Value Survey. It was proposed that the two most recent generations, Mulennials and Generation Xers, would value Self-enhancement and Openness to Change more than the two older generations, Baby Boomers and Matures, while the two older generations would value Self-transcendence and Conservation more. The hypotheses were tested with a combined sample of Canadian knowledge workers and undergraduate business students (N= 1,194). Two hypotheses were largely supported, although an unexpectedly large difference was observed between Millennials and Generation Xers with respect to Openness to Change and Self-enhancement. The findings suggest that generation is a useful variable in examining differences in social values.

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Journal Psychological Reports
Lyons, S.T. (Sean T.), Duxbury, L, & Higgins, C. (Christopher). (2007). An empirical assessment of generational differences in basic human values. Psychological Reports, 101(2), 339–352. doi:10.2466/PR0.101.2.339-352