This study examined differences by gender and job type in levels of role overload, interference from work to family, interference from family to work, and perceived stress for parents with pre-school children. The results indicate that mothers of pre-schoolers experience more problems balancing work and family demands than fathers, regardless of whether they are in career or earner positions. The dual-career situation is less problematic than the dualearner situation. Career parents appear to have more control over both work and family domains. Such an increase in control facilitates the ability to balance work and family. The results of this study suggest that employers who are interested in helping their employees balance work and family demands should investigate different mechanisms by which they can increase employees’ control over the work and family interface. Interventions such as on-site day care.
Employee Assistance Quarterly
Sprott School of Business

Duxbury, L, & Higgins, C. (Christopher). (1994). Interference between work and family: A status report on dual-career and dual-earner mothers and fathers. Employee Assistance Quarterly, 9(3-4), 55–60. doi:10.1300/J022v09n03_05