Discusses the use of the act frequency approach methodology to develop and validate a measure of organizational support of revolutionary change. A total of nine unique behaviors, describing three constructs, were viewed by employees as supportive of revolutionary change; and 12 unique behaviors, describing two constructs, were perceived as being non-supportive of revolutionary change. The measures developed were found to have high internal reliability. The measures were also found to be highly correlated with relevant individual and organizational outcome measures. These results provide empirical support for the idea that how an organization supports revolutionary change can have an impact on both the organization and its employees and that contextual variable may not influence perceptions.

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Keywords Change management, Methodology, Organizational development, Performance measurement
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1108/09534810210423107
Journal Journal of Organizational Change Management
Szamosi, L.T. (Leslie T.), & Duxbury, L. (2002). Development of a measure to assess organizational change. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 15(2), 184–201. doi:10.1108/09534810210423107