In “Traversing the Borders of écriture migrante and Transnational Writing in Québec” Catherine Khordoc questions the relevance of the term écriture migrante, which has become a type of ghetto for writers who have immigrated, creating an implicit expectation that immigrant writers write exclusively about experiences of immigration and exile. She proposes a transnational approach as an alternative way of considering contemporary Québécois writing, examining works written by immigrants alongside works by non-immigrants. She discusses four novels, two by authors who have immigrated to Québec (Émile Ollivier and Dany Laferrière), and two by authors who were born and raised in Québec (Francine Noël and Dominique Fortier). These novels share a focus on multiple sites of belonging and a refusal to conceptualize identity, nation and culture along clear-cut lines. A transnational approach may offer a more coherent perspective on contemporary Québécois literature, which is preoccupied by questions of globalization, movement, transience, and hybridity.

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Journal CLCWeb - Comparative Literature and Culture
Khordoc, C. (2016). Traversing the borders of écriture migrante and transnational writing in québec. CLCWeb - Comparative Literature and Culture, 18(4). doi:10.7771/1481-4374.2910