The Smart Spring concept is a semi-active approach to vibration suppression that makes use of an actively tuneable impedance device. The Smart Spring device makes efficient use of piezoceramic actuators for cyclically removing and adding structural stiffness in the vibratory load path. Thus, the large bandwidth and force generating capabilities of piezoelectric actuators are exploited while the relatively large power requirement often associated with other active approaches is circumvented. Numerical and experimental data demonstrates that the Smart Spring device is capable of controlling all aspects of the complex impedance of a dynamic system. The Smart Spring is therefore capable of controlling the damping and resonance frequencies exhibited by such a system. This combined capability is unique to the Smart Spring system.

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Keywords Semi-active vibration control, Smart materials, Structural impedance adaptation
Series High Performance Structures and Materials
Harold, T. (T.), & Nitzsche, F. (2004). The smart spring - An indirect-active low-power adaptive structure device for vibration attenuation. In High Performance Structures and Materials.