Design and instrumentation of the SHARCS (Smart Hybrid Active Rotor Control System) scaled rotor is presented in the paper. The goal of the project is to demonstrate the simultaneous reduction of vibration and noise on helicopters via multiple independent feedback control systems. Three actively controlled systems are implemented on a single blade: the Active Pitch Link (APL), the Actively Controlled Flap (ACF) and the Actively Controlled Tip (ACT), combining both flow control (ACF and ACT) and structural control (APL systems) approaches in a hybrid manner. First, a review of the hybrid control concept is given, followed by the description of the design requirements for each individual control system as well as for the rotor as a whole. Following this, the active control systems' design and prototypes are presented, along with the design of the composite blade structure housing them. The incorporation of three control systems called for original and unorthodox design solutions, from which the most prominent ones concern: design and prototype of the first ever smart spring concept based Active Pitch Link, the use of a counterweight based concept to reduce the extreme hinge moments acting on the Actively Controlled Tip and the design of a special removable structure called the Skeleton, housing the ACF and ACT systems and allowing easy access and maintenance of the actively controlled subsystems. Finally, the instrumentation of the rotor is presented in detail, concluding that due to the capacity of the applied slip ring unit, only separate measurements of the blade strains and the control system can be facilitated. Copyright

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Conference 64th Annual Forum - AHS International
Feszty, D, Nitzsche, F, Khomutov, K. (Kostyantyn), Lynch, B.K. (Brian K.), Mander, A. (Andrei), & Ülker, F.D. (F. Demet). (2008). Design and instrumentation of the SHARCS scaled rotor with three independent control systems. In Annual Forum Proceedings - AHS International (pp. 631–648).