The SHARCS project aims to develop an actively controlled helicopter rotor for the simultaneous suppression of vibration and noise. The proposed rotor will incorporate three subsystems of active control: an active impedance control device, which will replace the classical pitch link rods to reduce vibrations transmitted to the rotor hub, an actively controlled trailing edge flap to reduce vibrations due to dynamic stall and BVI as well as to reduce noise, and an actively controlled anhedral tip for the reduction of noise. The project is an international effort of seven partner institutions from Canada, Italy and Greece, which goal is to design, build and wind tunnel test a scaled rotor incorporating all three subsystems. The present paper describes the project structure and the progress made in the individual areas of research and design in the first year of the project.

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Conference 31st European Rotorcraft Forum
Nitzsche, F, Feszty, D, Waechter, D. (David), Bianchi, E. (Emanuele), Voutsinas, S. (Spyros), Gennaretti, M. (Massimo), … Ghiringhelli, G.L. (Gian Luca). (2005). The SHARCS project: Smart hybrid active rotor control system for noise and vibration attenuation of helicopter rotor blades. In 31st European Rotorcraft Forum.