A finite element method (FEM) study of the actuation and sensing performance of actuated fibre composites (AFC) is presented. The effect of non-continuous fibres on the AFC performance was analyzed for actuation and sensing applications. The results of the FEM analysis of AFC with non-continuous fibres are compared to experimental results obtained in specimens with fibres damaged by large deformation. A study of the change in the polarization state in the fibre, resulting from the formation of a gap, was performed and its results were incorporated into the FEM. The correlation between the available experimental data and simulation results is discussed.

Actuated fibre composites, AFCs, Piezoelectric fibres, PZTs, Sensors, Smart rotor
3rd International Conference on High Performance Structures and Materials 2006, HPSM06
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Martinez, M, Artemev, A, Nitzsche, F, & Geddes, B. (B.). (2006). Finite element modeling of actuated fibre composites. In WIT Transactions on the Built Environment (pp. 103–110). doi:10.2495/HPSM06011