This paper describes the first ever closed-loop control tests of an electrically driven Active Pitch Link (APL). Design and prototyping of a 3 rd generation Active Pitch Link is described first, followed by the non-rotating and rotating tests of the Active Pitch Link. Non-rotating tests consisted of 3 stages: the test of functionality, the identification of the stiffness curve and the closed-loop control tests. The closed-loop control tests showed remarkable similarity to earlier CFD results, exhibiting close to 60% reduction in vibratory loads. The new state-of-the-art Carleton Whirl Tower facility is described too. It is this facility, in which the rotating-frame tests of the Active Pitch Link were conducted. It was found that the baseline vibratory levels of this facility - arising from the aerodynamic interference between the blade and the test stand - are sufficient to provide input to the APL. Preliminary functionality tests in the rotating frame are also explained at the end of the paper. Copyright

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Conference 67th American Helicopter Society International Annual Forum 2011
Richardson, M. (M.), Feszty, D, Pickard, J.A. (J. A.), Nitzsche, F, Khomutov, K.V. (K. V.), Vamosi, S.B. (S. B.), & Young, R.D. (R. D.). (2011). Towards closed-loop control tests of the SHARCS active pitch link in the rotating frame. In Annual Forum Proceedings - AHS International (pp. 1215–1226).