The influence of angle-of-attack and vortex-aerofoil vertical missdistance on the aerofoil-vortex mechanism of interaction is investigated numerically using the large-eddy simulation approach. The study concerns the aerofoil-vortex interaction (AVI) phenomena encountered in the rotorcraft aerodynamics. The studies are performed for a Reynolds number of 1-3 x 106 based on the chord (c = 0-2m) of the aerofoil and free-stream velocity U- 100ms- 1. The studies are conducted for three different angles-of-attack (a = 0°, and a = 5°, a = 10°) and vertical miss-distances (A = 0.0m, h = -001, h = -0.02m) respectively. The present study shows that the magnitude of lift coefficient and flow separation, at the instant of interaction, decay with the increase of angle-of-attack and vertical miss-distance.

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Journal Aeronautical Journal
Llie, M. (M.), Nitzsche, F, & Matida, E. (2011). Parametric studies of aerofoil-vortex interaction; a numerical approach using les. Aeronautical Journal, 115(1173), 703–711.