Two bitter stigmastane derivatives, vernoguinosterol (1) and vernoguinoside (2), have been isolated from the stem bark of Vernonia guineensis and their structures eludicated using spectroscopic methods. The new compounds exhibit trypanocidal activity.

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Keywords Asteraceae, Stigmastane derivatives, Trypanocidal activity, Vernoguinoside, Vernoguinosterol, Vernonia guineensis
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Journal Phytochemistry
Tchinda, A.T. (Alembert T.), Tsopmo, A, Tane, P. (Pierre), Ayafor, J.F. (Johnson F.), Connolly, J.D. (Joseph D.), & Sterner, O. (Olov). (2002). Vernoguinosterol and vernoguinoside, trypanocidal stigmastane derivatives from Vernonia guineensis (Asteraceae). Phytochemistry, 59(4), 371–374. doi:10.1016/S0031-9422(01)00448-4