A novel monoterpene derivative (1) and four known partially and total acetylated tri- and tetrarhamonoside dodecanyl ether derivatives: cleistrioside-2 (2) and cleistrioside-3 (3), cleistetroside-6 (4) and cleistetroside peracetate (5) have been isolated from the fruits of Cleistopholis patens.

Annonaceae, Cleistetroside, Cleistopholis patens, Cleistrioside, Monoterpene derivative, Oligosaccharide, Partially acetylated tri- and tetrarhamnoside dodecanyl ether derivatives
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia
Department of Chemistry

Ngnokam, D. (D.), Tsopmo, A, Ayafor, J.F. (J. F.), Nuzillard, J.M. (J. M.), & Sterner, O. (O.). (2003). 4,5-Epoxide-1,6-dimethyl-1-vinylhexyl p-coumarate: A novel monoterpene derivative from Cleistopholis patens. Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia, 17(2), 177–180.