Two new geranylated flavonoids, poinsettifolins A and B, were isolated from the extracts of the herb Dorstenia poinsettifolia, and the structures were determined with NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. In addition, the flavone 5,7,4-trihydroxy-8-prenylflavone (licoflavone C), the chalcones 4,2',4'-trihydroxy-3'-prenylchalcone (isobavachalcone) and isobavachromene, the triterpene butyrospermol, and the carotenoid lutein were isolated.

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Keywords Dorstenia poinsettifolia, Flavonoids, Isolation, Moraceae, Poinsettifolins A and B, Structure determination
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Journal Phytochemistry
Tsopmo, A, Tene, M. (Mattieu), Kamnaing, P. (Pierre), Ngnokam, D. (David), Ayafor, J.F. (Johnson Foyere), & Sterner, O. (Olov). (1998). Geranylated flavonoids from Dorstenia poinsettifolia. Phytochemistry, 48(2), 345–348. doi:10.1016/S0031-9422(97)01114-X