Glabrescin, a daphnane diterpenoid, neoboutonin, a degraded diterpenoid with a novel skeleton, and neoglabrescins A and B, two rhamnofolane derivatives, have been isolated from the stem bark of Neoboutonia glabrescens Prain (Euphorbiaceae), together with the known tigliane derivative, baliospermin, and the known daphnane, montanin. Other constituents include squalene, 3-acetylaleuritolic acid, oleanolic acid and sitosterol, and the phenolic compounds 9-methoxy-1,7-dimethylphenanthrene and 2,3,8-tri-O-methylellagic acid. The structures were assigned on the basis of spectral studies and comparison with published literature data. The structures of neoglabrescins A and B were derived for their acetylated derivatives and, in the case of neoglabrescin A, confirmed by X-ray crystallographic analysis.

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Keywords Daphnanes, Euphorbiaceae, Glabrescin, Neoboutonia glabrescens, Neoboutonin, Neoglabrescins A and B, Rhamnofolanes
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Journal Phytochemistry
Tchinda, A.T. (Alembert T.), Tsopmo, A, Tene, M. (Mathieu), Kamnaing, P. (Pierre), Ngnokam, D. (David), Tane, P. (Pierre), … Farrugia, L.J. (Louis J.). (2003). Diterpenoids from Neoboutonia glabrescens (Euphorbiaceae). Phytochemistry, 64(2), 575–581. doi:10.1016/S0031-9422(03)00158-4