Tracing the survival of civic spaces in Indonesian cities, particularly in Jakarta, this paper examines an underlying system between politics and urban spaces with political power as a driver behind spatial actions. Using the Indonesian case, this paper suggests that the creation of civic spaces during the political change in 1998 cannot be understood as an independent event that occurred in a certain time-space nexus, but should be read in the bigger map of the history of Indonesian socio-politics and in relation to global events.

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Keywords Area Studies, Politics & International Relations, Urban Studies
Publisher Routledge
ISBN 978-0-203-93938-3
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Lim, M. (2007). Transient civic spaces in Jakarta demopolis. In Globalization the City and Civil Society in Pacific Asia: The Social Production of Civic Spaces (pp. 211–230). Routledge. doi:10.4324/9780203939383