The dose from ionizing radiation exposure can be interpolated from a calibration curve fit to the frequency of dicentric chromosomes (DCs) at multiple doses. As DC counts are manually determined, there is an acute need for accurate, fully automated biodosimetry calibration curve generation and analysis of exposed samples. Software, the Automated Dicentric Chromosome Identifier (ADCI), is presented which detects and discriminates DCs from monocentric chromosomes, computes biodosimetry calibration curves and estimates radiation dose. Images of metaphase cells from samples, exposed at 1.4-3.4Gy, that had been manually scored by two reference laboratories were reanalyzed with ADCI. This resulted in estimated exposures within 0.4-1.1Gy of the physical dose. Therefore, ADCI can determine radiation dose with accuracies comparable to standard triage biodosimetry. Calibration curves were generated from metaphase images in ~10 h, and dose estimations required ~0.8 h per 500 image sample. Running multiple instances of ADCI may be an effective response to a mass casualty radiation event.

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Journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry
Rogan, P.K. (Peter K.), Li, Y. (Yanxin), Wilkins, R.C, Flegal, F.N. (Farrah N.), & Knoll, J.H.M. (Joan H.M.). (2016). Radiation dose estimation by automated cytogenetic biodosimetry. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 172(1-3), 207–217. doi:10.1093/rpd/ncw161