We model and simulate stochastic traffic based on two established statistics: marginal distribution and autocorrelation function. The objective of this paper is two-fold: firstly to investigate the issue of modeling input network traffic in an automated way using the QTES methodology in order to capture both the autocorrelation structure and the marginal distribution simultaneously and secondly to examine the use of different traffic models such as TES models, Spatial Renewal Process, Distorted Gaussian model in the output queueing analysis of a system.

IEEE Global Telecommunication Conference (GLOBECOM'00)
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Klaoudatos, Gerasimos (Gerasimos), Taralp, Tarkan (Tarkan), Devetsikiotis, Michael (Michael), & Lambadaris, I. (2000). Traffic modeling: Techniques, algorithms and statistical measures. In Conference Record / IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (pp. 1583–1589).