In 2007 the World Health Organization established an international network of biodosimetry laboratories, the BioDoseNet. The goal of this network was to support international cooperation and capacity building in the area of biodosimetry around the world, including harmonisation of protocols and techniques to enable them to provide mutual assistance during a mass casualty event. In order to assess the progress and success of this network, the results of the second survey conducted in 2015 that assessed the capabilities and capacities of the members of the network, were compared to the similar first survey conducted in 2009. The results of the survey offer a unique cross-section of the global status of biodosimetry capacity and demonstrate how the BioDoseNet has brought together laboratories from around the world and strengthened the international capacity for biodosimetry.

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Journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry
Wilkins, R.C, Carr, Z. (Z.), & Lloyd, D.C. (D. C.). (2016). An update of the who biodosenet: Developments since its inception. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 172(1-3), 47–57. doi:10.1093/rpd/ncw154