Recent advances in high temperature superconductivity have been sudden and dramatic. The new materials being developed may be used in products in a large number of areas including communications, transportation, power transmission and microelectronics. Canadian companies may be challenged in the next few years to exploit these advances profitably. The paper documents forecasts for product/market applications of high temperature superconductivity and the responses of Canadian industry to date. A number of hypotheses are specified which will form the base for a longitudinal analysis of the impact on Canadian industry of high temperature superconductive materials as they achieve greater importance in world markets.

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Journal International Journal of Materials and Product Technology
Bailetti, A.J, Callahan, J.R. (J. R.), & Elliott, J. (J.). (1988). Potential consequences of high temperature superconductivity for Canadian industry. International Journal of Materials and Product Technology, 3(3-4), 223–232.