In this study we focus on knowledge-intensive services used by small and medium-sized companies in the software industry. Our study explores the sources, use and perceived importance of different types of knowledge-intensive services in software business. In addition to revealing the use of commercial privately or publicly produced knowledge-intensive business services, the results of this study indicate the remarkable proportion and strategic role of non-commercial knowledge-intensive service activities that are co-produced in network partnerships. These activities are accomplished in. networks in order to mutually generate or transfer knowledge between companies, customers, subcontractors or authorities of the industry, and the knowledge itself is not an object of trade. Copyright

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Keywords Knowledge-intensive services, Networks, Software industry
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Journal International Journal of Technology Management
Rajala, R. (Risto), Westerlund, M, Rajala, A. (Arto), & Leminen, S. (Seppo). (2008). Knowledge-intensive service activities in software business. International Journal of Technology Management, 41(3-4), 273–290. doi:10.1504/IJTM.2008.016784