Poised to become the leading reference in the field, the Handbook of Finite Fields is exclusively devoted to the theory and applications of finite fields. More than 80 international contributors compile state-of-the-art research in this definitive handbook. Edited by two renowned researchers, the book uses a uniform style and format throughout and each chapter is self contained and peer reviewed.

The first part of the book traces the history of finite fields through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The second part presents theoretical properties of finite fields, covering polynomials, special functions, sequences, algorithms, curves, and related computational aspects. The final part describes various mathematical and practical applications of finite fields in combinatorics, algebraic coding theory, cryptographic systems, biology, quantum information theory, engineering, and other areas. The book provides a comprehensive index and easy access to over 3,000 references, enabling you to quickly locate up-to-date facts and results regarding finite fields. (Publisher summary)

Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
School of Mathematics and Statistics

Mullen, Gary L., & Panario, D. (2013). Handbook of finite fields. Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications. Chapman and Hall/CRC Press.

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