Extensive finite element analyses have been conducted to obtain numerical solutions of the constraint parameter A, which is the second parameter in a three-term elastic-plastic asymptotic expansion for the crack-tip field for thin three-dimensional (3D) single edge cracked plate specimens under uniaxial and biaxial loading. The 3D crack geometries analyzed included shallow to deep cracks, and the biaxial loading ratios analyzed were 0.0 (uniaxial loading) and 1.0 (biaxial loading). Solutions for the parameter A were obtained for materials following the Ramberg-Osgood power law with hardening exponents of n=3, 5, and 10. Remote tension loading was applied covering the deformation range from small-scale to large-scale yielding. Crack-front constraint effects for 3D cracked specimens under uniaxial and biaxial loading are analyzed and discussed.

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Keywords 3D constraint effect, 3D crack, Constraint parameter, Elastic-plastic fracture, Solutions, Uniaxial and biaxial loading
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1520/MPC20140027
Journal Materials Performance and Characterization
Ding, P. (Ping), & Wang, X. (2015). Elastic-plastic finite element analyses of 3D constraint effects in single edge cracked plate specimens. Materials Performance and Characterization, 4(2), 84–104. doi:10.1520/MPC20140027