The elastic T-stress is increasingly being recognized as an important second parameter to the stress intensity factor for fracture and fatigue assessments. In this paper, the mutual or M-contour integral approach is employed in conjunction with the Boundary Element Method (BEM) to determine the numerical T-stress solutions for cracks in plates with multiple holes. The problems investigated include plates of infinite width with multiple holes at which single or double, symmetric cracks have grown from. Comparisons of these results are also made with the corresponding solutions of finite plates with a single hole. For completeness, stress intensity factor solutions for the cracked geometries analyzed are presented as well. These results will be useful for failure assessments using the two-parameter linear elastic fracture mechanics approach.

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Keywords BEM, Crack-tip constraint, M-contour integral, Plate with multiple holes, T-stress
Journal Structural Engineering and Mechanics
Yu, J. (Jackie), Wang, X, & Tan, C. (2007). T-stress solutions for cracks in rectangular plates with multiple holes. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 26(5), 557–568.