A large and growing body of management research examines new product development (NPD) in technology-intensive firms. Much of that work has been directed towards the organizational environment of medium and large organizations. Likewise, there is a large and growing body of research examining the formation, financing, growth, and success factors of new technology ventures (NTVs). However, there is a relative paucity of research into NPD at small NTVs. This paper describes the findings of an exploratory multiple case study of three NPD projects at small university spin-off (USO) ventures from a Canadian University. Emergent results are compared and contrasted with extant research. We find that NPD was inextricably coupled with new venture financing. NPD milestones had both technical and financial aspects. We observed significant heterogeneity with respect to NPD practices, technological sophistication of the product offering, and sophistication of the NPD environment. We propose that these observed differences are related to founder backgrounds.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/IEMC.2005.1559223
Conference IEMC 2005: 2005 IEEE International Engineering Management Conference
Muegge, S, Sharma, M. (Manu), & Kumar, U. (2005). An exploratory study of new product development at small university spin-offs. In IEEE International Engineering Management Conference (pp. 626–631). doi:10.1109/IEMC.2005.1559223