Structural materials with higher temperature capability and mechanical integrity are sought after in gas turbine industry as the turbine inlet temperature continues to rise. While many ceramic materials are microstructurally stable at high temperatures, they exhibit poor mechanical properties under loads. In this study, Hastelloy X (HX) mesh is used as a reinforcement to strengthen 7YSZ ceramic material and improve the damage tolerance. A low cost fabrication process based on plasma spray is developed to manufacture the metal mesh reinforced 7YSZ. The mechanical test results of the HX reinforced 7YSZ CMC, based on a three-point bend test, show that HX/7YSZ CMC surpasses the monolithic 7YSZ in terms of peak load and displacement before fracture. More specifically, the incorporation of HX mesh provides over 7 times increase to the flexure strength. Heat treatment of the CMC further increases the load at the onset of crack initiation due to the enhanced bonding between 7YSZ and HX mesh.

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Conference International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition, ITSC 2016
Mohammadi, T. (Teymoor), & Huang, X. (2016). Flexure strength of metal mesh reinforced ceramic matrix composite fabricated using plasma spray method. In Proceedings of the International Thermal Spray Conference (pp. 561–565).