Data outsourcing is a promising service for data owners, where their data are stored on a cloud storage provider. Since the cloud is not fully trusted, data access control has become a challenging issue in the Cloud Storage System (CSS). Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption (CP-ABE) is a feasible technique for ensuring access control in the CSS, where an attribute authority is responsible to manage attributes and distribute keys. In this paper, we propose a novel revocable Multi-Authority CP-ABE scheme, in which the access policy can be constructed as an arbitrary tree rather than a matrix used by existing schemes. The tree-like policy makes our scheme more flexible. Consequently, the encryption, decryption and attribute revocation operations are also more efficient. Our scheme is also proved to be secure under the standard assumption. It can resist user collusion attack, while the attribute revocation operation also achieves both forward security and backward security. Simulation results show that our scheme is highly efficient.

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Keywords Attribute, Cloud storage, CP-ABE, Fine-grained access control, Multiple authorities
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Journal Computer Journal
Zhou, J. (Junwei), Duan, H. (Hui), Liang, K. (Kaitai), Yan, Q. (Qiao), Chen, F. (Fei), Yu, F.R, … Chen, J. (Jianyong). (2017). Securing Outsourced Data in the Multi-Authority Cloud with Fine-Grained Access Control and Efficient Attribute Revocation. Computer Journal, 60(8), 1210–1222. doi:10.1093/comjnl/bxx017