Under the auspices of the Canadian Network of the Centers of Excellence on Intelligent Sensing of Innovative Structures (ISIS) a number of bridges incorporating innovative materials and/or innovative structural concepts have been instrumented with a view to monitoring their health. ISIS has initiated a project to create a central archive for the long-term collection and maintenance of the data obtained from the instrumented bridges. Typical instrumentation consists of sensors of various kinds (temperature, strain, displacement and acceleration). Data may be collected at regular intervals under normal traffic conditions using an automated or semi-automated data acquisition system. As well, static and dynamic load tests may be scheduled and performed from time to time. The data received from the various sources will be converted to a common format and will reside in a central relational database. A world-wide-web interface to the archive has been provided. The interface will allow authorized bridge managers to submit data to the archive. It will also allow other researchers to explore the archive, and to extract data from it, using many common formats.

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Humar, J.L., Holtz, N, & Qureshi, H. (2001). Archival of data from monitoring of innovative structures. doi:10.1117/12.435599