Visuo is an implemented Python program that models visual reasoning. It takes as input a description of a scene in words (e.g. 'small dog on a sunny street') and produces estimates of the quantitative magnitudes of the qualitative input (e.g. the size of the dog and the brightness of the street). We claim that reasoners transfer quantitative knowledge to new concepts from distributions of familiar concepts in memory. We also claim that visuospatial magnitudes should be stored as distributions over fuzzy sets. We show that Visuo successfully predicts quantitative knowledge to new concepts. Copyright
Knowledge Engineering Review
Department of Cognitive Science

Gagné, J. (Jonathan), & Davies, J. (2013). Visuo: A model of visuospatial instantiation of quantitative magnitudes. Knowledge Engineering Review, 28(3), 347–366. doi:10.1017/S0269888913000283