Psychological evidence suggests that humans use visual knowledge and reasoning in solving complex problems. We present Covlan, a visual knowledge representation language for representing visual knowledge and supporting visual reasoning. We describe Galatea, a computer program that uses Covlan for analogical transfer of problem-solving procedures from known analogs to new problems. We present the use of Galatea to model analogical visual problem solving by four human experimental participants, and describe one of the four cases in detail. The Galatea model of human problem solving suggests that problem-solving procedures can be effectively represented with Covlan.

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Keywords Analogy, Problem-solving, Visual reasoning
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Journal Journal of Visual Languages and Computing
Davies, J, & Goel, A.K. (Ashok K.). (2007). Transfer of problem-solving strategy using Covlan. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 18(2), 149–164. doi:10.1016/j.jvlc.2007.01.001