This paper examines diverse service innovations created with service robots in living labs that are an under researched and growing area of scholarly research. In particular, there is a need for research that connects robotics with welfare and health care living labs. This study focusses on the nexus between the different types of robots and services in living labs. It contributes to the literatures of open innovation and living labs by developing a conceptual framework for analysing service innovations enabled by robotics in eight living lab cases. The framework distinguishes four archetypes of service innovations in health and welfare living labs: (i) socialising, (ii) aiding, (iii) entertaining, and (iv) personal assisting. The paper concludes with implications to theory and practice, and suggests directions for future research.

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Keywords categorisation of open innovation, conceptualisation of open innovation, future of open innovation, innovation, living lab, living laboratory, Open innovation, physically assistive, service, service robot, social robot, socially assistive, user innovation
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Journal International Journal of Innovation Management
LEMINEN, S. (SEPPO), Westerlund, M, & RAJAHONKA, M. (MERVI). (2017). INNOVATING WITH SERVICE ROBOTS IN HEALTH AND WELFARE LIVING LABS. International Journal of Innovation Management. doi:10.1142/S1363919617400138