Social workers come into the lives of disabled persons on a daily basis. Yet, few schools of social work have a strong disability curricular focus. The researchers report on findings of a survey of disability and social work education in the United Kingdom. The findings include data on course offerings, curricula, field experiences, policies, equity policies regarding admission, and the number of disabled faculty and students in each program. Similarities and differences in supporting the unsettling of ableism, as well as advances pertaining to disability inclusion are discussed.

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Keywords Disability, Social Work Education, United Kingdom, Curriculum
Publisher University of Waterloo
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Journal Canadian Journal of Disability Studies
Judy, MacDonald, Carter, Irene, Hanes, R, McMurphy, Suzanne, & Skinner, Stephanie. (2014). Disability and Social Work Education in the United Kingdom. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 3(3), 53–53. doi:10.15353/cjds.v3i3.173