This article examines the education of children and youth with disabilities in Canada by incorporating an analysis of the Participatory Activities Limitations Survey (PALS) 2006. The primary intent of the article is to show what is potentially being lost in terms of research and access to information now that Long Form Census Surveys have been cut by the Government of Canada. The article uses the case example of access to public education for children with disabilities to show the pivotal role that quantitative surveys such as PALS serve and to raise awareness that similar future research will be difficult to carry out.

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Keywords government: research: education: rights: children with disabilities: youth with disabilities: primary education: secondary education: inclusive education
Publisher University of Waterloo
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Journal Canadian Journal of Disability Studies
Hanes, R, & Werk, Nancy. (2013). Lamenting the Discontinuation of the Participation Activities Survey: Using PALS 2006 to Examine the Provision of Educational Programs to Children and Youth with Disabilities in Canada. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 2(2), 86–86. doi:10.15353/cjds.v2i2.83