Human computer interaction (HCI) researchers at CHI2006 in Montreal focused on the next generation of human-computer interaction. Participants presented their current research or interface designs as part of next-generation interaction, their ideas or approaches for describing or defining next-generation interaction styles, and various research challenges and agendas in this area. The presentations were grouped into sessions on frameworks and surveys, broader perspectives, physiological considerations, new interaction styles, new interface designs and systems, and tools and development techniques. It is believed that ideas emerging from the workshop can serve as a common language for viewing, discussing, comparing, and advancing proposed innovative new interface developments and technologies. It can also help identify gaps or opportunities to develop a research agenda for new work in a new taxonomy.

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Jacob, R. (Robert), Girouard, A, Hirshfield, L.M. (Leanne M.), Horn, M. (Michael), Shaer, O. (Orit), Solovey, E.T. (Erin Treacy), & Zigelbaum, J. (Jamie). (2007). CHI2006: What is the next generation of human-computer interaction?. doi:10.1145/1242421.1242459