We have used machine learning techniques to analyze functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) data from the brain of human subjects to classify different levels of mental workload. Preliminary results show potential for fNIRS in human-computer interaction research.

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Conference Biomedical Optics, BIOMED 2008
Fantini, S. (Sergio), Sassaroli, A. (Angelo), Tong, Y. (Yunjie), Hirshfield, L.M. (Leanne M.), Girouard, A, Solovey, E.T. (Erin Treacy), & Jacob, R.J.K. (Robert J.K.). (2008). Real-time assessment of mental workload with near-infrared spectroscopy: Potential for human-computer interaction. In Biomedical Optics, BIOMED 2008.