Sucrose polyester (SPE), in the form of sucrose octaesters and sucrose hexaesters of palmitic (16:0), stearic (18:0), oleic (18:1cis), and linoleic (18:2cis) acids, have many uses. Applications include: A non-caloric fat substitute, detoxification agent, and oral contrast agent for human abdominal (MRI) magnetic resonance imaging. However, it has been shown that the ingestion of SPE was shown to generate a depletion of physiologically important lipidic vitamins and other lipophilic molecules. In order to better understand, at the molecular level, the type of interaction between SPE and lipid membrane, we have, first synthesized different type of labelled and non-labelled SPEs. Secondly, we have studied the effect of SPEs on multilamellar dispersions of dielaidoylphosphatidylethanolamine (DEPE) and dipalmitoylphosphocholine (DPPC) as a function of temperature, SPE composition and concentration. The effects of SPEs were studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), X-ray diffraction, 2H and 31P NMR spectroscopy. At low concentration (<1 mol%) all of the SPEs lowered the bilayer to the inverted hexagonal phase transition temperature of DEPE and induced the formation of a cubic phase in a composition dependent manner. At the same low concentration, SPEs in DPPC induce the formation of a non-bilayer phase as seen by 31P NMR. Order parameter measurements of DPPC-d62/SPE mixtures show that the SPE effect on the DPPC monolayer thickness is dependent on the SPE, concentration, chains length and saturation level. At higher concentration (≥10 mol%) SPE are very potent DEPE bilayer to HII phase transition promoters, although at that concentration the SPE have lost the ability to form cubic phases. SPEs have profound effects on the phase behaviour of model membrane systems, and may be important to consider when developing current and potential industrial and medical applications.

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Chemistry and Physics of Lipids
Department of Chemistry

McManus, G.G. (Gerald G.), Buchanan, G.W, Jarrell, H.C. (Harold C.), Epand, R.M. (Richard M.), Epand, R.F. (Raquel F.), & Cheetham, J. (2001). Membrane perturbing properties of sucrose polyesters. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 109(2), 185–202. doi:10.1016/S0009-3084(00)00222-X