We propose and demonstrate an optically tunable photonic fractional temporal differentiator using a tilted fiber Bragg grating written in an erbium/ytterbium (Er-Yb) co-doped fiber. Thanks to the high absorption of the Er-Yb co-doped fiber, when it is pumped the refractive index is changed, and thus the phase of a cladding mode resonant wavelength is changed continuously by continuous tuning of the pumping power. By locating the wavelength of the input light wave at the location of a cladding mode resonant wavelength, a temporal differentiator with a tunable fractional order is achieved. The proposed technique is experimentally evaluated. A temporal differentiator with a tunable fractional order is demonstrated. The use of the fractional differentiator to implement temporal differentiation of a Gaussian pulse with a bandwidth of 28 and 75 GHz is also demonstrated.

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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
Department of Electronics

Shahoei, H. (Hiva), Albert, J, & Yao, J. (Jianping). (2012). Tunable fractional order temporal differentiator by optically pumping a tilted fiber Bragg grating. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 24(9), 730–732. doi:10.1109/LPT.2012.2187331