Using data recorded by the CLEO II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, we report evidence for two new charmed baryons, one decaying into Ξ+cπ+π− via an intermediate Ξ*0c and its isospin partner decaying into Ξ0cπ+π− via an intermediate Ξ*+c. We measure the mass differences of the two states to be M(Ξ+cπ+π−)−M(Ξ+c)=348.6±0.6±1.0 MeV, and M(Ξ0cπ+π−)− M(Ξ0c)=347.2±0.7±2.0 MeV. We interpret these new states as the JP = 3/2− Ξc1 particles, the charmed-strange analogs of the Λ+c1(2625).

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Journal Physical Review Letters
Alexander, J.P. (J. P.), Baker, R. (R.), Bebek, C. (C.), Berger, B.E. (B. E.), Berkelman, K. (K.), Boisvert, V. (V.), … Smith, J.G. (J. G.). (1999). Evidence of new states decaying into Ξ*cπ. Physical Review Letters, 83(17), 3390–3393. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.83.3390