Searches for double beta decay of Xe134 were performed with EXO-200, a single-phase liquid xenon detector designed to search for neutrinoless double beta decay of Xe136. Using an exposure of 29.6 kg·yr, the lower limits of T1/22νββ>8.7×1020 yr and T1/20νββ>1.1×1023 yr at 90% confidence level were derived, with corresponding half-life sensitivities of 1.2×1021 yr and 1.9×1023 yr. These limits exceed those in the literature for Xe134, improving by factors of nearly 105 and 2 for the two antineutrino and neutrinoless modes, respectively.

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Journal Physical Review D
Albert, J.B. (J. B.), Anton, G. (G.), Badhrees, I. (I.), Barbeau, P.S. (P. S.), Bayerlein, R. (R.), Beck, D. (D.), … Ziegler, T. (T.). (2017). Searches for double beta decay of Xe 134 with EXO-200. Physical Review D, 96(9). doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.96.092001