This paper deals with the problem of modeling of phase noise in OFDM systems and the impact it may have on the bit error rate performance of such systems subject to a number of system variables and to a number of channel conditions which may be encountered when such systems are deployed for certain applications such as high speed wireless LANs and Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting (DTTB). The phase noise processes, the sources of which are the transmitter's and receiver's local oscillator, are modeled using what is believed to be commercially realizable phase noise masks. Such masks represent the long-time averaged power spectral densities of the local oscillator output signal.

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IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

El-Tanany, M, Wu, Y. (Yiyan), & Házy, L. (László). (2001). Analytical modeling and simulation of phase noise interference in OFDM-based digital television terrestrial broadcasting systems. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 47(1), 20–31. doi:10.1109/11.920777