Using the combined CLEO II and CLEO II.V data sets of [Formula presented] at the [Formula presented], we measure properties of [Formula presented] mesons produced directly from decays of the [Formula presented] meson, where “[Formula presented]” denotes an admixture of [Formula presented], [Formula presented], [Formula presented], and [Formula presented], and “[Formula presented]” denotes either [Formula presented] or [Formula presented]. We report first measurements of [Formula presented] polarization in [Formula presented]: [Formula presented] and [Formula presented]. We also report improved measurements of the momentum distributions of [Formula presented] produced directly from [Formula presented] decays, correcting for measurement smearing. Finally, we report measurements of the inclusive branching fraction for [Formula presented] and [Formula presented].

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Journal Physical Review Letters
Anderson, S. (S.), Frolov, V.V. (V. V.), Kubota, Y. (Y.), Lee, S.J. (S. J.), Li, S.Z. (S. Z.), Poling, R. (R.), … Zhao, X. (X.). (2002). Measurements of Inclusive [Formula presented] Production. Physical Review Letters, 89(28). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.89.282001