Using [Formula presented] of CLEO data, we have measured the ratios of the branching fractions [Formula presented] and the combined branching fraction ratio [Formula presented], defined by [Formula presented]. We find [Formula presented], [Formula presented], and [Formula presented], where the first and second errors are statistical and systematic, respectively. The known branching fraction [Formula presented] leads to [Formula presented], [Formula presented], and [Formula presented], where the third error is due to the uncertainty in [Formula presented].

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Journal Physical Review Letters
Brandenburg, G. (G.), Ershov, A. (A.), Kim, D.Y.-J. (D. Y.J.), Wilson, R. (R.), Benslama, K. (K.), Eisenstein, B.I. (B. I.), … Yelton, J. (J.). (2002). Measurement of [Formula presented]. Physical Review Letters, 89(22). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.89.222001