Using [Formula presented] of data collected at or just below the [Formula presented] with the CLEO detector, we report the result of a search for the flavor changing neutral current process [Formula presented]. We observe no significant signal for this decay mode and determine 90% confidence level upper limits on the branching fractions [Formula presented] and [Formula presented].

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Journal Physical Review Letters
Coan, T.E. (T. E.), Gao, Y.S. (Y. S.), Liu, F. (F.), Maravin, Y. (Y.), Stroynowski, R. (R.), Artuso, M. (M.), … Thorndike, E.H. (E. H.). (2003). First Search for the Flavor Changing Neutral Current Decay [Formula presented]. Physical Review Letters, 90(10). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.90.101801