This research focuses on the automatic provisioning of cloud resources by an intermediary enterprise. This enterprise provides a virtual private cloud for a single client enterprise by using resources from a public cloud. The intermediary cloud provider is controlled by a broker that uses techniques to dynamically control the number of resources used by the client enterprise. The research presents a hybrid auto-scaling technique based on a combination of a reactive approach and a proactive approach to scale resources based on user demand. The primary goal of this auto-scaling technique is to achieve a profit for the intermediary enterprise while maintaining a desired grade of service for the client enterprise. The second goal of the technique is to reduce costs for the single client enterprise. The technique supports both on-demand requests and requests with service level agreements (SLAs). This paper describes the auto-scaling algorithms associated with the hybrid technique and includes a discussion of system design and implementation experience for a prototype system. A detailed performance analysis based on simulations and measurements made based on the prototype is presented.

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Keywords Dynamic resource provisioning, Hybrid auto-scaling on clouds, Machine learning, Resource allocation, Resource management on clouds, Scheduling with SLAs
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Journal Journal of Cloud Computing
Biswas, A. (Anshuman), Majumdar, S, Nandy, B. (Biswajit), & El-Haraki, A. (Ali). (2017). A hybrid auto-scaling technique for clouds processing applications with service level agreements. Journal of Cloud Computing, 6(1). doi:10.1186/s13677-017-0100-5