Using 12.7fb-1 of data collected with the CLEO detector at CESR, we observed two-photon production of the cc− states χc0 and χc2 in their decay to Π+Π-Π+Π-. We measured Γγγ(χc)×B(χc→Π+Π-Π+Π-) to be 75·13(stat)·8(syst)eV for the χc0 and 6.4·1.8(stat)·0.8(syst)eV for the χc2, implying γγγ(χc0)=3.76·0.65(stat)·0.41(syst)·1.69(br)keV and Γγγ(χc2)=0.53·0.15(stat)·0.06(syst)·0.22(br)keV. Also, cancellation of dominant experimental and theoretical uncertainties permits a precise comparison of Γγγ(χc0)/Γγγ(χc2), evaluated to be7.4·2.4(stat)·0.5(syst)·0.9(br), with QCD-based predictions.

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Journal Physical Review Letters
Eisenstein, B.I. (B. I.), Ernst, J. (J.), Gladding, G.E. (G. E.), Gollin, G.D. (G. D.), Hans, R.M. (R. M.), Johnson, E. (E.), … Wilson, R. (R.). (2001). Experimental Investigation of the Two-Photon Widths of the χc0 and the χc2 Mesons. Physical Review Letters, 87(6). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.87.061801