This paper advances a social relational model of Deaf childhood as a guiding framework for working with Deaf children in a present-day universal neonatal hearing screening and early intervention context. The authors discuss how Deaf children are contextualized in a medical model discourse, in a social model of Deaf childhood, and in a Deaf culture discourse. A social relational model is then discussed in with reference to a capability approach and to findings from the first author's study of parents and young children participating in an American Sign Language shared reading program in Ontario, Canada.

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Keywords American Sign Language, bilingualism, Deaf studies, early intervention
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Journal Disability and Society
Snoddon, K, & Underwood, K. (Kathryn). (2014). Toward a social relational model of Deaf childhood. Disability and Society, 29(4), 530–542. doi:10.1080/09687599.2013.823081