The computer continues to assume a role of increased importance in university education, and professors must determine appropriate means for its integration into the curriculum. This article describes the incorporation of a studio lab component into undergraduate courses in introductory statistics. We detail the objectives of these courses and describe the motivations, general structure, and main features of our approach. The labs typically involve a two-step frequentist approach where a simple hands-on experiment is performed that is subsequently replicated using the computer. We describe in detail two labs that typify the main features of our approach, and discuss the flexibility of the labs with regard to the target audience. A discussion of our perception of their impact on student learning is given, along with some comments on alternative modes of delivery.

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American Statistician
School of Mathematics and Statistics

Cabilio, P., & Farrell, P. (2001). A computer-based lab supplement to courses in introductory statistics. American Statistician, 55(3), 228–232. doi:10.1198/000313001317098239