The atomic structures of two pure tilt grain boundaries of different misorientations in polycrystalline Al were obtained by using high resolution electron microscopy. The boundaries were made by strain annealing. The asymmetrical low angle grain boundary of an average misorientation of 7° can be basically described by a dislocation structure. The high angle grain boundary of misorientation 72.5° is 2° off the twin orientation. This is a symmetric boundary. Both boundaries have tilt axes parallel to 〈110〉.

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Conference Proceedings of the 1997 TMS Fall Symposium
Bai, R. (R.), Briant, C.L. (C. L.), Philips, R. (R.), Miller, R, Shinoy, V. (V.), & Schwartzman, A. (A.). (1998). High resolution observation of tilt grain boundaries in polycrystalline Al. In Proceedings of the TMS Fall Meeting (pp. 51–57).