One major class of multiscale models directly couples a region described with full atomistic detail to a surrounding region modeled using continuum concepts and finite element methods. Here, the development of a new dynamic approach to such coupled atomistic-continuum models is discussed with insight into the key ideas and features, with emphasis on fundamental difficulties involved in dynamic multiscale models. Simulations of nanoindentation in single crystals are performed to demonstrate the power of the developed method in capturing both long-range dislocation plasticity and short-range atomistic phenomena during single or cyclic loading without the computational cost of full atomistic simulations. The effects of several process variables are investigated, including system temperature and rate of indentation. The deformation mechanisms and the surface evaluation that occur during a series of single and cyclic indentation simulations are discussed.
Canadian Journal of Physics
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Shiari, B. (Behrouz), Miller, R, & Klug, D.D. (Dennis D.). (2008). Multiscale modeling of solids at the nanoscale: Dynamic approach. Canadian Journal of Physics, 86(2), 391–400. doi:10.1139/P07-145