Material gain of IR-140 doped PMMA thin films on silica was optimized. A polarization study showed no polarization dependence for the slab mode. Possible factors of rapid bleaching of the films, such as film thickness, pump intensity, oxidation and thermal damage were investigated.

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Keywords bleaching, gain measurements, Photonics, thin film
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Conference 2017 Photonics North, PN 2017
Amyot-Bourgeois, M. (Maude), Keshmarzi, E.K. (Elham Karami), Tait, R, & Berini, P. (Pierre). (2017). Gain and bleaching investigation of IR-140 doped PMMA. In 2017 Photonics North, PN 2017. doi:10.1109/PN.2017.8090608